Uber Internal ToolsSoftware Engineer

Financial planning and forecasting software

  • Built views with React, Redux, and a graph query system for use by finance and execs.
  • Achieved 100% unit test coverage using Tape, Enzyme and Sinon for owned features.
  • Wrote end to end integration tests in Python using Selenium for seamless deployment.

Never:codeSoftware Engineer & Product Owner

Code reuse and library construction platform

  • Created database schemas, models, and update methods with Mongo and Mongoose.
  • Handled REST API, routing, and permissions with Node and Express for db access.
  • Wrote SASS library with node-sass and materialize-sass for programmatic styles.
  • Wrote end-to-end unit tests with mocha-chai for reliable continuous integration.

First TicketSoftware Engineer

Intelligent Github ticket curation tool

  • Styled React components with materialize-css for intuitive use on desktop and mobile
  • Built user profile schema, and models with MySQL for performant database access

EatlySoftware Engineer

A nutrition tracking platform

  • Refactored React front end with material-ui library for a polished, modern interface.
  • Managed authentication and login encryption with sessions and bcrypt for secure login.

MusicMapSoftware Engineer & Product Owner

A music geolocation map

  • Added SoundCloud OAuth using Atmosphere.js for fast deployment and music access.
  • Implemented GPS location management to associate playlists with map coordinates.

Professional Experience

Uber Technologies Software Engineer Internal Tools

  • Owned app authentication, task inbox, global navigation, and forecasting views.
  • Collaborated with design, product, and the back-end to iteratively develop features.

Bayer HealthcareProcess Development Scientist

  • Developed real time process monitoring tools for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Documented, streamlined, and taught bioreactor process control to teams of scientists.

Ohlone CollegeBiotechnology Instructor

  • Taught two classes on how to run bioreactors using advanced process control software
  • Curated and created course content including lecture, lab, and homework assignment

Joint BioEnergy InstituteFuel Synthesis Research Assistant

  • Engineered and analyzed bacterial strains for styrene monomer tolerance.